The discipline called IAM – Identity and Access Management – is more dynamic, more complex, and faster-moving than ever. Alongside a dramatic proliferation of SaaS-based identities and roles for human users, machine-based identities and roles are also exploding to support the modern architectures that power digital transformation.

In this complimentary report from global research and advisory firm Forrester, solution architects, IAM directors, and authentication experts will learn:

  • About common lifecycle practices shared by both human and machine identities
  • How Forrester’s IAM lifecycle can help set strategic direction and apply rigor to enterprise IAM programs
  • How to optimize IAM systems for hardened security, good user experience, and operational efficiency
  • How adoption of the Govern > Administer > Enforce > Optimize lifecycle allows IAM leaders to efficiently manage the increasing number of IAM tools in their portfolios
  • How to harmonize IAM experiences across all user populations

This research report distills advice and tips from some of Forrester’s most sought-after experts and is complimentary to you, for a limited time, courtesy of Axiad.