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KuppingerCole Whitepaper: A Passwordless Future Begins with Credential Management


Top cybersecurity analyst examines the benefits and challenges of making your business a passwordless one.

Passwords are the key to our personal and professional lives, yet they are also a vulnerability. Criminal actors target passwords, hoping to gain access to the business or governmental secrets that they guard. Going passwordless is a better alternative to protect your data, but achieving that passwordless transformation is not without its challenges. In a white paper commissioned by Axiad, top European cybersecurity experts KuppingerCole examine:

  • The cybersecurity benefits of a passwordless “zero trust” approach to credentials
  • The multiple paths to achieving a passwordless ecosystem – and the potential pitfalls
  • How unified credential management systems can help overcome these challenges for a more seamless passwordless journey

98 percent of breaches could be prevented by the right MFA. 89 percent of security professionals use 3 or more authentication methods. 52 percent of security professionals find workarounds to overly complex security systems.
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