Authentication is key to any business, yet employees often struggle with it as an impediment to their work.

Why Organizations Should Go Passwordless

Learn How to Protect Your Digital Business With Passwordless Technology

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On average, it takes 4 hours and 43 minutes to resolve workplace authentication issues.

Only 32% of respondents say authentication issues are fixed in 1-2 hours

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  • How long it takes IT to resolve password issues in the workplace
  • What “passwordless” means to office workers
  • The impediments to adopting passwordless authentication policies
  • Whether workers would rather get stuck on the phone with IT to reset a password, or clean the office coffee machine.

In This Survey, You Will Learn:

35% of employees think creating passwords that satisfy security requirements is stressful.

The 2021 Passwordless Survey Report

The 2021 Passwordless Survey Report

  • 60% of US office workers say that authentication processes have stopped them from doing their work.
  • 62% of employees have a “favorite password” they prefer to use
  • 45% of workers say that creating passwords is frustrating, while 26% think it’s easy — because they reuse passwords across multiple accounts.

Axiad Cloud Offers Passwordless Authentication That Seamlessly Unifies Multiple Authentication Methods and Platforms

As passwords become increasingly vulnerable, enterprises are searching for a passwordless solution for their employees. With no single identity credential that can fully secure all their users and data, they adopt multiple credentials, resulting in a patchwork of authentication tools that’s difficult to manage. Axiad unifies all popular authentication platforms, such as Okta, Duo, Ping, Yubikey, Onelogin, Smartcard, TPM and more.

Axiad Cloud addresses all our use cases without increasing cost and complexity.

CIO at a Financial Institution

What Our Customers Are Saying

We tried different MFA solutions, but they turned out to be too complex and didn’t address the full scope of digital interactions within my organization.

CISO at a Large Healthcare Company 

Thanks to Axiad Cloud I don’t have to choose between security, ease-of-use, and ease-of-management.

Security Officer at a Defense Contractor

Unify. Manage all popular authentication platforms such as Okta, Duo, Ping, Onelogin, Hypr, Yubikey, Smartcard, RSA Token, TPM and more — with one user experience.

Axiad Cloud at a Glance

Automate. Automation ensures that new hires are smoothly brought into the system without skipping a step — and smoothly removed when they move on.
Empower. Give your team the power to manage all their credentials and secure emergency access through peer authentication, rather than needing IT help.
Authenticate. Securely exchange documents within regulated environments, like the FBCA, SAFe-BioPharma, and WebTrust.

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